Our Patriot Ancestors

Listed below are most of the Patriot ancestors of our chapter members, the state they served, and their service. American Revolutionary War Patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (19 April 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (26 November 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states.

John Adams, CT, CAPT
Comfort Barnes, MA, CS, PS 
Ephraim Bates, VA, SGT
Daniel Baylies, NJ, PVT
William Bennett, PA, LT
William Miller Bledsoe, VA, PVT
Michael Brobst, PA, LCOLTimothy Blodgett, MA, PVT
George Buttolph, CT, PVT
Jose Campos Redondo, SA, PSLaughlin Campbell, NC, PS
Hanchrist Carlock, VA, PVT
Solomon Carter, VA, PS
Jonathan Catlin, NJ, PVTJoseph Chandler, CT, SGT/PS
William Winn Cockerham, VA, PSJoshua Corbin, MA, PVT
John Peter Corn, VA, PVT
John Cryder, PA, LTAbel Curis, MA, PVT
Nathaniel Davis, VA, SOL
Juan Luis De Herrera, SA, PSJohn Deppen, PA, PS
George Edgington, Jr., PA, PVT
Josiah Flournoy, VA, PS
Daniel Gray, MA, PVT
Enoch Grigsby, SC, LT
John H Guildin, PA, LCOL, PS
John Hackett, MA, PVT
Ambrose Hale, MA, PVT
Hezekiah Hargrave, NC, PVT
George Helfferich, Sr., PA, PVT, PS
Christopher Frederick Hepler, PA, PVT, PS
Daniel Hiester, PA, PS
Daniel Higgins, VA, PVT, PS
John Holden, MA, LT
Justus Hubbell, NY/VA, PVT, CS, PSAbraham Husted, CT, SGT
Edward Humston, VA, CS, PS
Jacob Hunt, MA, PVTHenry Hunter, NC, PVT
Curtis Johnston, VA, CS
Horatio Jones, PA, NONCOM, PS
Richard Kennon, NC, PS
Benjamin Kimsey, VA, PS
Asa Lake, VT, NONCOM
Jesse Lane, NC, PVT
James Lillard, VA, PS
Beza Lincoln, MA, PVT
Christopher Liner, VA, PVT
Michael Long, PA, PVT
George Mason, VA, PSJohn McArthur, NY, Lt
William McMurray, VA, SOL, CS, PS
Joseph Meek, VA, PS
Isaac Melvin, MA, CPL
Isaac Miller, VA, LT, CSJohn Minthorn, NJ, SGT MAJ
John Morehead, VA, PSLester Morris, VA, PS
Aaron Noble, MA, LT
David Olmstead, CT, CAPT
Antonio Jose Ortiz, SA, PS
Thomas Partridge, VT, PVT
Benjamin Peck, CT, PVT
Amos Ponder, SC, PVT
Eleazer Putnam, MA, LT
Henry Putnam, Sr., MA, SOLPeter Raub, PA, PVTJose Campos Redondo, SA, PSBenjamin Ring, PA, PS/PVT
James Roddy, NC, CAPT
George Roush, VA, PVTEzra Rowden, CT, PVT
John Adam Roush, VA, PS
John Sailor, PA, PVT
John Sandidge, VA, CS, PS
Nathaniel Sessions, CT, PVT
Asa Sherwood, CT, PVT
William Sledd, VA, SOLJames Tate, VA, CPT
John Taylor, VA, PVT
Hiram Thompson, MA, PVT
Baltzer Trout, PA, PS
Israel Underwood, CT, PVT
Benjamin Wallace, NC, PVT
James Warren, VA, PS
Thomas Watkins, VA, CAPT, PS
Edmund Welch, MA, PVTOliver Wolcott, CT, Signer Decl. of Independence, Major General
Jesse Womack, VA, SOL
George Wood, PA, PVT
Jonathan Wright, CT, ENS
Joseph Yaden, VA, NONCOM
Michael Zirkle, VA, PVT, PS

Glossary of United States, Country, and Patriot Service Abbreviations:


CT — Connecticut

DE — Delaware

GA — Georgia

MD — Maryland

MA — Massachusetts

NH — New Hampshire

NJ — New Jersey

NY — New York

NC — North Carolina

PA — Pennsylvania

RI — Rhode Island

SA— Spanish America

SC — South Carolina

VT — Vermont

VA — Virginia


CAPT — Captain

CPL — Corporal

CS — Civil Service

ENS — Ensign

LT — Lieutenant

LTCOL — Lieutenant Colonel

NONCOM — Non-commissioned Officer

PS — Patriotic Service

PVT — Private

SGT — Sergeant

SOL — Soldier